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We are authorized agent for expediating all Indian Counsulate related services including Passport Renewal, Change of Name, Change of Date of Birth etc.


Documents Required:

1. Incomplete/ Improper Applications will be turned back at the counter or returned if applying by mail.

2. Embassy/ Consulate reserves the right to ask for additional documents. It may call the applicants for interview also.

3. For all Lost Cases (Not the Damage) applicant has to get approval first from the Indian Consulate/Embassy.

  1. Dully filled & signed checklist

  2. Online application form duly filled and signed by the applicant.

  3. 7 Copies of Printed and filled Nationality Verification Form / Personal Particulars form & 3 photographs for personal particular form

  4. Ten recent color passport size (2in x 2in) photographs For specification: Click here, showing full frontal view of face against a white background to be pasted on the application form.

  5. In case of lost/damaged passports Please notarize Pg. 3 of the application form with the applicant’s Signature OR Thumb print (The right thumb impression for females and left thumb impression for males) in Sr. No. 26.

  6. Except in case of lost passport: Old passport in original. In case old passport is 5 years old or less, please send the previous passport as well.

  7. Photocopies of first 5 pages and last two pages of your current passport.A) In case of lost passport if photocopy of the passport is not available please submit the notarized photocopy of Indian birth certificate, Matriculation/Higher Secondary/School Leaving Certificate or Indian Photo Identify Card – including Driving License, Ration Card, Election Commission ID, PAN card, or any other document containing photo and indicating Indian nationality of the applicant.

  8. Notarized Color photocopy of current valid US visa on passport or Green card or Employment Authorization Card or I- 797 approval notice documents. Student visa Status holders must enclose I-20 Document as well. If your visa has expired or you have the receipt notice for extension of your visa then: NYC, SFO & HOU Jurisdiction Applicants - must provide a notarized no status affidavit with photocopy of the valid passport and the green card of two witnesses duly notarized + 7 Copies of Nationality Verification Form (Given in Point 2 above) are required and each copy must have an original photograph affixed on it. WAS/ATL/HOU/CHI Jurisdiction Applicants - must visit the consulate in person for an interview before applying at the passport application center

  9. Notarized Photocopy of a residential proof of the applicant (Driver’s License, State ID, Utility bill such as gas, electric or water or Rental Lease agreement or Home Mortgage bill. Other bills or documents will NOT be accepted as proof. For applicants above 60 years of age who do not have any such documents, a copy of their State ID may be enclosed. In case documents are being sent by mail, please notarize residential proof photocopy. All documents being submitted either in person or via mail have to be notarized.

  10. In Case of Loss of passport: Original Police Report lodged with the Police about loss of passport.

  11. In case of Loss passport: A letter on a plain paper addressed to the Embassy/Consulate General of India, explaining the circumstances of the loss of passport.

  12. For cases in which the applicant’s appearance has significantly changed from the appearance in the current passport, an affidavit form for change of appearance is required. Please glue a current photo to the form and have it notarized.

  13. In case the current passport does not have Spouse’s name, a notarized photocopy of the marriage certificate is mandatory if your status has been filled as married in the application form. Some consulates may ask for the copy of the passport / US ID of the spouse, if you enclose it along with your application it will help process the case faster. Women Applicants must include the notarized affidavit for change in name from maiden to married

  14. If passport is expired less than 6 months a self-explanation letter explaining “why the passport was not renewed in time” is required.

  15. If Passport has expired for more than 6 months a Notarized Affidavit is a must (Houston Jurisdiction applicants must also submit a Notarized 4 Points Affidavit in such case)

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